A professional musician and tutor for over twenty five years and a veteran of numerous bands and projects, Nick has played a lot of music in a lot of styles from the sublime to the ridiculous. His open-minded attitude towards music has led him to explore the guitar, not only as a tool for reproducing the sounds required for a performance, but also as a vehicle for self expression. After all, it seems such a pity to have this wonderful instrument of such amazing potential in your hands and not to wander up to the dusty end of the neck occasionally. 


As a tutor, Nick has taught peripatetically in many schools in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk teaching guitar, bass and ukulele, along with other activities such as school Rock and Jazz bands, instrumental workshops and clubs for guitar and ukulele. 


Nick also teaches privately and has worked with students for graded exams and entry to higher education.  An advocate for the "3 Ts" - Technique, Theory and Technology - as a way of ensuring independent progress for any player… it works for Nick and has stood him in good stead for the most demanding and off-the-wall gigs and it's great fun to know your way around the guitar and understand what you're doing when you put your fingers on it!


Presently, Nick is lead guitarist with The Freddie Hall Band playing Soul, Motown and Funk which is great fun, and It's All About Me which is intense and for which he composes much of the material in a Prog-Tinged Rock style. From time to time, Nick has been a session player, song writer, amp demonstrator, played in pit orchestras, and been involved in an assortment of finger-mangling endeavours. He gigs a lot and despite all the highfalutin talk of self expression, '3Ts' and what have you, Nick loves nothing more than to rock out and perform to an appreciative audience. The stage is his natural habitat.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.