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It's all about me is a Cambridge-based progressive-tinged four-piece rock band. Nick composes much of the material for the band and plays lead guitar; the line-up is completed by Marija Kons on lead vocals and guitar, Dave Burgoyne on drums and Tim Court on bass. Read about how the band met here.


Nick, Marija and Dave also play acoustic covers as a trio, performing their own distinctive arrangements of well-known songs in local venues.


Both line-ups are available for bookings.    


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It's All About Me began life as a collaboration between Nick and Marija Konstantinova after a meeting down the pub. Finding much common ground between them, such as a love of Rock music and a knowledge of Twentieth Century Classical music, the two began jamming together and quickly happened upon a direction for their music.


The first song to emerge from this collaboration was "Freedom" which began life as a straight-forward riff. After about an hour or so, the pair listened back to their new creation and realised that it was kind of like the epic music they had been talking about making in the first place. With the addition of the completely improvised Bossa-Nova outro "In the Middle of Nowhere", a template for future music had been set. 


As a result of the departure of the original bassist and drummer, Nick and Marija decided to become a duo and hire in the services of musicians for recording and gigs. That week the song "It's All About Me" had emerged from a three hour musical brain-storming session. This became the duo's name.


Through his involvement in the Jazz scene in Cambridge, Nick often plays music with Dave Burgoyne, an accomplished pianist, violinist and, especially, drummer. They had also taught together at a music club at a Cambridge college for some years and performed together with the band Crisium. It was with an expectation of rejection that Nick asked whether Dave might be available.  Nick and Marija trust Dave implicitly and know whether one of their ideas is any good or not by his reaction and perceptive and assiduously diplomatic comments. He supplied a new impetus for the duo to become a band.


A number of bassists came and went, thankfully for positive reasons. Tim is an occasional visitor to a Sunday night jam session that the duo often attend. He may not look it, but Tim is actually rather Rock n' Roll, despite his musical background being a little more, er, Pop-orientated. He handles the, occasionally, labyrinthine structures of the It's All About Me oeuvre with aplomb.